Magenta srl (Tuscan project leader)


Magenta was established in 2007, as a company formed by software specialists and researchers coming from different IT backgrounds. Magenta mainly collaborates with other IT companies for the design and implementation of software applications, providing highly specialised support on the most advanced technologies currently available. Magenta has already participated in projects co-funded by EU, Italian and Regional Government, and its founders have a consistent experience in carrying out EU-funded projects, both at academic and industrial level. Indeed Magenta is a technological partner for a variety of IT projects, including enterprise Java-based web-applications, security applications, video and image analysis applications, mobile application for the Android platform, Verification and Validation (V&V) of software subject to System Integrity Level (SIL) requirements. Recently video-analysis applications developed include: a network video recorder for the automotive industry; an embedded traffic monitoring application and a Textile Web Inspection Framework.

Roles in SOLE-CUT

MAGENTA will coordinate WP3, with activities including: definition of use cases scenarios; design of solutions for visual inspection based on these scenarios; development of the software components required for visual inspection. MAGENTA will assist FROSINI PIETRE and COFIPLAST in defining the detailed requirements of the system, design and prototype software for cut-quality monitoring based on machine-vision techniques, provide technical expertise for the acquisition of test data set from the manufacturing plant, design the evaluation protocol that will be used to assess system performances. MAGENTA will coordinate partners’ contributions for the drawing up of D1.1 and D1.2 and for reaching M1.1. MAGENTA will support COFIPLAST in WP1, in particular coordinating Tuscan partners in accordance with the International Coordinator recommendations. Concerning WP2, MAGENTA will contribute where necessary to the deliverables and will validate them. MAGENTA will be involved in WP4, in particular will contribute to the validation of the innovative functional units. Concerning WP5, MAGENTA will contribute to the definition of the following deliverables: Results Exploitation Plan, International Communication Plan.