Frosini Pietre srl


Frosini Pietre has been quarrying and carving stones for over 25 years. The company works with most kinds of local stone, providing floors and paving, architectural finishing, hearths and other stone furnishings. Frosini Pietre focuses on the reuse and recycling of natural resources, by recovering and selecting high value architectural components. The enterprise counts several milling and sawing machines, plants for bush-hammering, flaming, sandblasting, plants for special rough-finishing operations, plants for kerb-stone processing, overhead and jib cranes. Frosini Pietre’s employees have extensive knowhow of extracting and carving stones, and each is qualified to use the bucksaw (as well as any other machine in the plant) and to control its correct functioning, all of which can be used to test the SOLE-CUT products. The enterprise can count on technicians able in architectural survey, cad modelling, machinery maintenance – employees are specialised in the use of various machineries, depending on the type of work. The relevant experience in the field of stone and stone machineries makes this enterprise indispensable for the SOLE-CUT Consortium.

Roles in SOLE-CUT

FROSINI PIETRE will lead the definition of use cases scenarios and of fault conditions, provide materials, machineries, knowledge in the field of stone carving. Frosini Pietre will be involved in WP3, in particular showing the real scenario of stone cutting and carving and will contribute to identifying the most relevant properties of materials to be cut. During WP4 Frosini Pietre will set up a test laboratory providing machineries and materials. Its experts will supervise tests. The enterprise will coordinate WP5, will collect partners’ contributions and draw up a Result Exploitation Plan and will coordinate dissemination, in order to maximise the benefits of this MANUNET opportunity.