COFIPLAST srl (Project leader)


COFIPLAST is an innovative Italian SME, part of Groups Brocco, that operates in the whole stone productive chain: from granite quarries to slabs production passing through the design and production of diamond wires and support in design and production of cutting machines and integrated systems for quarry and sawmill. Company know-how, acquired over 30 years in quarrying of siliceous materials, has boosted development of new cutting technology and tools. COFIPLAST is a global leader in diamond wire production, with experience in design and production of diamond wire abrasive tools for quarrying stone blocks, for block squaring and stone slabs production, machines and plants for the blocks squaring and machines for stone cutting and special purposes. COFIPLAST operates with a lean structure on the global market, integrating different European research centres and technology partners, especially working on abrasive and powdered materials. COFIPLAST has experience in leading scientific-research works and in R&D cooperative projects (Eureka!, National and Regional projects with cooperation of Research institutes and Universities , FP7 project, such as S-MC-S (Grant no. 260090 – S-MC-S, FP7).

Roles in SOLE-CUT

COFIPLAST will coordinate WP1 (project leading and coordination), will define the use-case scenarios and the fault conditions (WP3), will provide the domain knowledge and expertise (WP2 and WP3), will lead designing and developing prototypes of innovative diamond wires with the proposed solutions, will provide tools and materials (e.g., stone blocks, cutting tools, etc.) (WP2) and will validate and test the proposed solutions (WP4). In addition COFIPLAST will contribute to WP5 activities. External research centres and universities join the consortium and are involved as subcontractors for the development of specific applications and for the improvement of know-how in some key point activities. POLITO for the selection of SMA materials and the investigation of surface treatments, and CNR IENI Unit for the mechanical characterisation of the solution proposed.