As an R&D company, BEAM ArGe is involved in the application of laser and optical systems in SMEs and large companies. BEAM ArGe’s expertise consists in cutting-edge laser processing technologies (welding, cladding, cutting and machine processing, spectrometers). Experienced staff are lead by a physics professor, who has been the Pro-Vice chancellor of Kocaeli University for 6 years and supported by other scientists with internationally proven track record. Beam ArGe has designed and developed many novel products in-house and has recently produced many internationally peer reviewed publications (see annex). Beam ArGe is located in one of the most industrialised cities, namely Kocaeli, in Turkey with many large international companies, it is also based in Technopark of Kocaeli University which is one of the most vibrant technology development zones in the region. The city will be housing a very large free trade zone being set up by the Turkish Marble and Natural Stone and Machinery Association (TUMMER). Beam ArGe has close ties with TUMMER and a supporting letters are attached both from Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce and TUMMER.

Roles in SOLE-CUT

BEAM ArGe will analyse efficient technologies for the development of strong, secure joining of the proposed solutions (WP2), provide laser technology domain knowledge and expertise and will support the analysis of the whole cutting process (WP2-WP3). Beam ArGe will assist in the area of finding innovative material and treatment solutions for advanced diamond wires in WP2 in close collaboration with CO.FI.PLAST, InventCAD and Frosini Pietre. The use of lasers for improved welding as well as possible surface structuring methodologies will be investigated. During WP1 Beam ArGe will continuously interact with and COFIPLAST, in order to be in line with technical and management issues.