SOLE-CUT Activities

    Solecut project comes to its conclusion

    So, with the final meeting held at Frosini Pietre srl on 19th December 2014, SOLE-CUT project comes to its end. SOLE-CUT partners make it through: 2 years project’s activities 5 meeting around Europe (Italy and Turkey): Ivrea (Piedmont, Italy) Verona (Piedmont, Italy) Antalya (Turkey) Tempio Pausania (Sardinia, Italy) Florence (Tuscany, Italy) about 21000 lines of code written about 100 code commits on our versioning system The following video shows the

    Automatic cooling water stream monitor prototype demoed!

    Automatic cooling water stream monitor prototype demoed! During the SOLE-CUT final meeting on next friday (19th December 2014), the automatic cooling water stream monitor will be shown in detail. Here’s a video taken at Frosini Pietre plant during the latest test made by Magenta’s engineers.

    Final meeting

    Here is the agenda for the final meeting that will be hold on Friday, December 19th 2014, at Frosini Pietre Plant. Click on the image below to download a PDF version. Final meeting agenda

    Data acquisition campaign using BLE started

    Data acquisition campaign using BLE started To address the problem of monitoring the cutting process in the case of open-frame diamond-wire gang saw, Magenta started a new data acquisition campaign based on Texas Instruments’ SensorTag, which is a small battery-powered device integrating a bunch of different sensors and based on Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) tecnology. Using a few SensorTags, Magenta explored the possibility of evaluating the quality of the cutting process by sampling vibrations and temperature in different points of the diamond-wire gang saw.

    Frequency analysis result

    Frequency analysis result After the experiments conducted on the data set, engineers from Magenta realized that motion detection is probably the most promising method to detect the cooling water stream flowing out from the stone cut. By applying Fourier analysis, they have been able to recognize the fundamental frequency at which the water flows out of the cut. This will probably be the key feature to exploit in developing a method for the automatic monitoring of the cooling water stream.

    Edge detection experiment

    Edge detection experiment Magenta keeps carrying out experiments to detect the cooling water stream on the data set taken at Frosini Pietre plant. The last experiment regards edge detection. Unfortunately, motion blur in the image makes it hard to recognize a definite edge of the water flowing out from the cut. In the following we show two examples: the first on a conventional image, taken in visible light; the second on a image from the thermal camera (white hot).

    Motion detection experiment

    Motion detection experiment Motion detection is a simple technique to detect moving objects in the images of a video sequence. After the optic flow, Magenta experimented motion detection to help detecting the cooling water stream. In the example below you can compare the original frame with the binary mask generated by the method. White pixels in the mask are moving pixels.

    Optic flow experiment

    Optic flow experiment Magenta started studing a solution to the problem of detecting and evaluating the intensity of the cooling water stream the flows out of the cut, as this is probably the most important features that experts from Frosini Pietre look at to evaluate the quality of the cutting process. Magenta has by now identified three possible methods to detect the cooling water stream: optic flow, motion detection and edge extraction.

    Video data set

    Video data set The data set acquired during the acquisition campaign includes about 6.5 hours of video take with different cameras and in different scenarios. The following cameras have been used: Camera Notes Analog camera recorded 02h07’50” of video, 640x480@24fps Thermal camera recorded 02h07’50” of video, 720x576@9fps Handy-cam recorded 01h26’42” of video, 720x1280@25fps Action camera recorded 51’05” of video, 640x360@25fps Analog and thermal cameras were coupled to have them record exactly the same events, so to be able to study both the visible and thermal imagery of the cutting process.

    Data acquisition campaign started

    Data acquisition campaign started On 6th November 2013 Magenta started a data acquisition campaign at the partner’s Frosini Pietre farm. Magenta’s engineers visited the plant, that uses open frame gang-saws for stone cutting process. A few hours of video has been collected, both indoor and outdoor, during normal cutting operations and simulating anomalies and failures of the gang-saw. Videos were taken in visible light with different cameras, and with a thermal camera also, in order to evaluate the thermic profile of the machinery during the cutting process.