Shape Memory Alloys for Stone Machining and Computer-Aided Design

Co-funded by the Manunet programme within call 2012

The SOLE-CUT project concerns with the investigation of advanced technical devices and competitive ready-to-market solutions for the stone machining sector. SOLE-CUT will develop shared knowledge, practical know-how and a modern background of simulation methodologies and codes capable of designing and creating new families of high performing stone-cutting-machines. Innovative shape memory alloys and super-elastic materials will be considered for wire rope (substituting conventional steels) and technical, economic and ecological consistency of materials will be considered, thus producing innovative and green solutions for a more sustainable cutting process. SOLE-CUT proposes an innovative monitoring system, which applies machine vision technology for automatic surface inspection and fault / anomaly prevention in the cutting / carving process. SOLE-CUT groups four SMEs, from three Regions and two countries and integrates scientific and technological expertise with multi-year experience in stone manufacturing and process monitoring.

This web site focusses on the activities conducted by the Tuscan partners of the project, Magenta srl and Frosini Pietre. For updated reports on the activities conducted by the trans-national consortium, please refer to the official SOLE-CUT website.